Provide A Safe Environment For Your Loved Ones

Your home should be a safe space for your family. Clean air is a good place to start, The World Health Organisation recognises that clean air reduces the risks of stroke, heart disease, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases like asthma.

Don't leave your health to chance. Protect your loved ones now!


It’s not only outdoor pollutants that pose a risk. At home, you’re also exposed to bacteria, fungus and mould. Preventing these harmful airborne contaminants greatly reduces risks to your family’s health.

Effectively treat bacteria, fungi and mould now!

Pets & Seasonal Allergens

A build-up of pet dander can be harmful to our health, and bad air quality at home can trigger allergies in your furry friends too! A clean indoor air solution will help solve these two problems at once.

A holistic clean air solution

Diagnose and purify your air with Duct Doctors

Do not leave your air quality to chance.
Allergen, bacteria & mould buildup are often difficult to detect and remove without the right equipment and training.
Protect your loved ones by ensuring that you have the best air quality possible.

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Duct Cleaning

1. Duct Cleaning

The ducting systems that carry the air we breathe are often subject to large temperature and humidity changes. These conditions inevitably produce moisture and undesirable particulate buildups.

We provide thorough and extensive duct cleaning service with before- and-after scope reports to ensure that your air conditioning system is free from contaminants.
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2. Sanitization

Bacteria & mould are not visible to the naked eye.  After a thorough cleaning and debridement, we sanitize your air duct to ensure that the source of bacteria or mould growth has been effectively treated.

No hazardous detergents or chemicals
- We take every care to ensure that we only use the best Natural Products to protect you and your environment.
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3. Treatment & Scenting

To ensure long lasting anti-bacterial, fungal and mould treatment, We use tested and proven natural products to eliminate undesirable odours and contaminants
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Space Sanitization

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Preventative Actions

Cold Fogging

Sanitise the indoor areas of your home and office with cold fogging.

Cold fogging rapidly disperses active sanitation ingredients, killing undesirable microorganisms hiding in hard-to-reach zones. Our anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral treatments cover all areas, including living rooms, working spaces, common spaces such as kitchens, dining areas, toilets and passageways.

The active sanitation ingredient prevents the growth and  replication of bacteria, mold, fungi and virus on treated spaces and surfaces.

Natural & Safe Active Ingredients

Our Sanitising agent utilises the Antimicrobial properties of Australian Tea Tree oil

Australian tea tree oil acts by killing bacteria and mould while inhibiting viral replication at the same time. The safety and efficacy of tea tree oil is well studied and documented to be a healthy and effective alternative to harsh chemical treatment agents.

We provide Space Sanitisation and Airway Sanitisation for comprehensive Antimicrobial Treatment.

Protect your Loved ones & Prevent the spread of Airborne Contaminants now.

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Space Sanitization Service Package

30 Cents per Sq. ft*

Purchase 3 space sanitisation treatments and receive your 4th treatment complimentary

Limited Offer ends on 31st March 2020
We stand in solidarity with all our friends and family in Singapore. To combat the ongoing Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) threat, we're slashing our space sanitisation fees by 40%.
*u.p. 50 Cents per Sq.ft
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Clean air ducts, why bother?

Clean Air Ducts are essential components of a healthy Lifestyle.
Avoid unnecessary health complications and long term health issues by protecting the environments you spend the most time in.

  • Cleaner Air
    Reduce harm from Climate & Environmental Changes.
  • Allergen / Irritant Reduction
    Avoid and Reduce health risks.
  • Prolong System Life
    Clean Air is vital to ensure proper system operation & equipment longevity.
  • Improved Air-flow Efficiency
    Essential in Ensuring constant Clean and Cool air
  • Eradication of Unpleasant Odours
    Combat Mould and Fungus growth and benefit from cleaner, Odour-free air.
  • Easier, Healthier Breathing
    Prevention is always better than cure. Protect your loved ones from "Sick building syndrome"

Quality Assurance

We take pride in benchmarking our processes with American and European Standards of Sanitization and Treatment

Air Quality

Stringent checks before and after our servicing provide homeowners with measurable air quality results.

Thorough Cleaning & Visual Inspection

We use specialized air duct cleaners designed to clean every nook and cranny of your ducting system. Our specialized duct cleaning equipment features cameras to visually inspect and ensure thorough cleaning.


As part of our stringent procedures and checks, we provide homeowners with a comprehensive testing of air quality before and after.

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